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We are recognized as the leading consultant firm in which human and organizational potential is unleashed. Through the “Revitalization of the Spirit,” goals and objectives can be accomplished.

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What Do We Do?

Uncommon Results creates trainings that facilitate personal, professional, and organizational development—we help people overcome challenges by fostering the attitudes and beliefs that will enable them to reach their fullest potential. Our primary objective is to support people in order that they may proceed along a path of self-discovery, self-realization, and fulfillment.

Youth Programs

Our youth programs provide teens the opportunity to dramatically alter the course of their lives by understanding their past, taking responsibility for their future, and reconnecting with the community.

Professional Programs

Our professional workshops are specifically designed and tailored to change the workplace environment by fostering a winning attitude in employees based on collaboration, leadership and empowerment.

Athletic Programs

Our athletic programs are designed to motivate players to set and achieve goals far beyond their current reality and become better athletes and better human beings.

Collegiate Programs

Developing students’ leadership potential through engagement with intensive personal development training as well as designing and delivering a leadership project to impact their academic and local community.

Client Testimonials

Like a great coach, Mark Charley is able to inspire individuals and teams to see and use effectively talent and ability they didn’t know they have.  He uniquely combines toughness, experience, creativity, and humanity into a winning formula.  Not only are teams more successful after working with Mark, he has a lifelong impact on the people he works with.

Dan MillerFounder and Former CEOThe Breakthrough Foundation

The event had not only given the participants a massive boost but had significantly helped the Institute as a whole in terms of staff morale and the general atmosphere. Due primarily to the timing but also lingering concerns about just how far the cultural change process had gone, I was prepared if not for the worse at least that the course had been perhaps a qualified or modest success. I was genuinely taken aback by the extent and depth of the response which I encountered at so many different levels, I do not mind admitting that it was very uplifting for me personally.

Dan GunnGovernorH.M. Young Offenders InstitutePolmont Scotland

The training for staff was the most enlightening process I have ever undergone, yet I found watching prisoners working through it, from such different situations, a greater revelation than I could have imagined. . . . The commitment of your staff to their stated aim and the integrity they show in pursuit of that aim is a credit to them and a reflection of the highly skilled people in your organization. . . . I have never witnessed prisoner examining their thoughts and feelings in this way and choosing a new way and new life for themselves. The whole experience was refreshing, invigorating, and empowering and provides me personally with greater challenges in my life for the future.

R. MorrisSenior Prison OfficerH.M. Prison Service

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