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We are recognized as the leading consultant firm in which human and organizational potential is unleashed. Through the “Revitalization of the Spirit,” goals and objectives can be accomplished.

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What Do We Do?

Uncommon Results creates trainings that facilitate personal, professional, and organizational development—we help people overcome challenges by fostering the attitudes and beliefs that will enable them to reach their fullest potential. Our primary objective is to support people in order that they may proceed along a path of self-discovery, self-realization, and fulfillment.

Youth Programs

Our youth programs provide teens the opportunity to dramatically alter the course of their lives by understanding their past, taking responsibility for their future, and reconnecting with the community.

Professional Programs

Our professional workshops are specifically designed and tailored to change the workplace environment by fostering a winning attitude in employees based on collaboration, leadership and empowerment.

Athletic Programs

Our athletic programs are designed to motivate players to set and achieve goals far beyond their current reality and become better athletes and better human beings.

Collegiate Programs

Developing students’ leadership potential through engagement with intensive personal development training as well as designing and delivering a leadership project to impact their academic and local community.

Client Testimonials

Uncommon Results has served as our lead consultant in planning and implementation of our program. The knowledge that Uncommon Results, Inc. has in the area of at-risk behavior management and program facilitation is without question the most in-depth and comprehensive that you will find in the country.

Holly Broach-SowelsExecutive DirectorYouth Opportunities United

I have been in the Prison Service for almost 25 years and I have never seen an intervention which has such a profound effect on so many people in such a short time. The people I refer to are not just the prisoner participants but also my staff.

Barry DentonHead of Young OffendersH.M. Prison Service Moorlands

Uncommon Results has no difficulty transcending the cultural divide between the U.S.A. and U.K. They were able to relate powerfully to all of our staff as well as the undergraduates. Having experienced it we have no doubt about its values, both for the undergraduates and the staff teams. The success of the program and its impact on all of us is owed a great deal to the interpersonal skills employed by Uncommon Results.

Linbert SpencerCharimanWindsor FellowshipLondon, United Kingdom

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