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A deep-learning experience that will allow you to re-examine your life, rekindle your personal power, and reinvent yourself as capable of achieving your highest goals and aspirations.”

The philosophy of this program is that all human beings can make a difference in their circumstances and situations to become part of a lasting solution rather than blaming the situation and circumstance.

There are many courses available dealing with the skill and knowledge base necessary to perform. There are very few that require you to examine your thinking about the process of making a difference itself. And further more to examine what it is about your way of being that is preventing you from making a difference to your team, client or yourself.  We examine how your attitude and your perception of reality affect the choices of action available to you.

Uncommon Result is a vibrant organization working to create a future for all people. Over the past 17 years, we have successfully developed our programs, our trainers and our organisation. Uncommon Results is an Educational Corporation dedicated to working in partnership and empowering organizations to be more productive in their own mission.

Social Innovation Group, a joint-venture partner with Uncommon Results with the Blueprints program, is a leader in the areas of training, community development, and personal transformation. Over the past 20 years, its principals have provided life-changing personal growth programs throughout North America. Participants report an increased ability to achieve outstanding results in the areas of personal productivity, health and wellness, relationships at home, in school, at work, and in the community

In the Blueprints: Your life by design program, participants will 1) reinvent themselves as capable of meeting the challenges they face in overcoming poverty, 2) redefine their way of being in the world such that their past experience informs choice versus preclude the possibilities of a new and more prosperous life, and 3) reframe their current choices for self-sustainability in terms of their desired future versus being mired in the weathered situations and circumstance that may have once held them back.


General Guidelines for the Blueprints Program

  1. Programs are custom designed to match the needs to the class cohorts and the individuals that make up the cohort by way orientation sessions, applications, and optional pre-course experience to optimize the transformative experience.
  2. Program participants must complete all aspects of the training sessions without exception.
  3. While the program time schedules requires at 12 contact hours per day, sessions are broken into 90-minute intervals with ample breaks and significant body movement, and food breaks throughout the day.
  4. Fees are based of a flat rate for each Blueprints session. We recommend at least 40 participants per session.


Who are the blueprints Trainers?

Mr. Mark Charley is the President of Uncommon Results, Inc., and is a leading authority on personal transformation. Internationally renowned, his work has received countless commendations in the US, UK, Europe, Australia and Africa.

Dr. Marcus S. Robinson is the President and Principal Consultant of the Social Innovation Group. Dr. Robinson led a successful national consulting practice for more than 20 years and is the author of Quest for Excellence, and One Song Hero: the inward journey of an urban shaman.

Participant Endorsements

“I recommend this course to any human being who is open and ready for a new way of existing. It will change your life.” Angela Doyle

“The Blueprints program is a life changing experience and I would recommend it to anyone who is in search of taking their life to the next level.” Michael Springer

Your style made it easy to tune into the sense of what you were saying and the exercises really reinforced the learning. We still make reference to effective listening and remind ourselves of the need to be aware when our attention wanders. The sales consultants have found that by being aware of how to listen more effectively to clients they are having a better understanding of what the clients need. They now seldom take notes at a meeting but find that because they have really listened during the meeting they are able to write up a note of the meeting afterwards and recall completely what was said.
Graham HoustonDirectorThe Industrial Society Scotland