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Uncommon Results provides a variety of professional trainings for all types of companies including for-profit corporations, non-profits, and governmental entities.  The professional workshop is an interactive program, which typically runs for a minimum of three days. Participants explore thought-provoking questions and concepts designed to help them develop a clearer outlook of what they can accomplish and how to make more powerful choices in their workplace. The program also includes ongoing coaching, development, and project management.

Today’s increasingly competitive marketplace demands that companies and their employees be prepared to meet the rapidly changing challenges in the business world. Our professional workshop is specifically designed and tailored to change the workplace environment by fostering in employees a winning attitude founded on collaboration, leadership and empowerment.  Participants undergo training sessions to examine their beliefs, perceived limitations, and guiding paradigms. Participants discover their personal power and begin to challenge deeply held beliefs that once served as invisible barriers to outstanding performance. The training is held in tandem with an on-site job review, in order to allow participants to combine the theoretical and practical aspects of the workshop with their jobs.

Uncommon Results offers comprehensive and effective management and employee training programs. These workshops are designed for companies who wish to integrate personal development and professional success so their organization can function at its maximum potential. Through practice and application, participants use strategies and techniques to move from old paradigms to new attitudes.

Uncommon Results designs programs that focus on developing new ways of thinking. The purpose of our work is to create personal and group change through self-awareness and experiential transformation. Contact Uncommon Results and let’s design a program to fit your needs.  We can design programs for people and organizations who want to go beyond what is currently thought possible and create a sustainable environment for ‘making the impossible happen.’

Your style made it easy to tune into the sense of what you were saying and the exercises really reinforced the learning. We still make reference to effective listening and remind ourselves of the need to be aware when our attention wanders. The sales consultants have found that by being aware of how to listen more effectively to clients they are having a better understanding of what the clients need. They now seldom take notes at a meeting but find that because they have really listened during the meeting they are able to write up a note of the meeting afterwards and recall completely what was said.
Graham HoustonDirectorThe Industrial Society Scotland