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Uncommon Results has designed programs specifically for juvenile delinquents, and young offenders. We work with alternative school programs, community organizations, as well as youths in detention facilities to support young people who are falling through the cracks of society. Our intensive residential youth program provides teens the opportunity to dramatically alter the course of their lives by taking responsibility for their future and by reconnecting with the community.

In our program, participants open up and share about significant events, beliefs, relationships, problems, and concerns in their lives. They examine the consequences of their past choices and behaviors, and their relationships with family members, peers, and other significant adults. Ultimately, the sessions support participants in discovering the causes of why their lives are not “working.” Participants gain a new appreciation and compassion for themselves and others. Negative attitudes and core beliefs about their families, peers, education, employment, and community, are transformed into productive goals for the future. Our proven techniques touch even the most hardened young minds and hearts.

The Uncommon Results program will be delivered in partnership with your existing organization. One of the real strengths of our organization is our commitment to developing programs in partnership with local organizations, companies, or agencies. We believe that there is a wealth of talent in terms of potential partners in local community organizations or agencies and, by working together through collaborative efforts and a joint commitment, we can ensure that a highly effective program is delivered on time and produces the projected results.

Our Youth Programs provide an invaluable experience for young people, many of whom are tough teens coming from broken homes or have associations with gangs. Many of our participants are victims of sexual abuse or other painful life circumstances. Our Intensive Youth Program provides teens the opportunity to dramatically alter the course of their lives by taking responsibility for their future and by reconnecting with the community.

Usually the course site is a residential camp in the woods where youth can get away from their usual environment. Program length varies based on the level of at-risk youth and the number of participants. Structured course work includes guided group discussions and physical activities, such as a ropes course, mile runs, and challenge courses.

Uncommon Results also provides an ongoing Training and Development Program which expands on and reinforces what was learned during the Intensive Youth courses. The Training and Development Program provides participants with one-to-one mentoring support. Adult mentors collaborate closely with their youth partners for the duration of their Training and Development Program, and keep in contact by regular phone calls and meetings. Working with the youth continually when they return home is a critical component of our Youth Program.

The aim and objectives of our work is to:

  • Improve relations between youth and adults (including parents, service providers, authority figures, community leaders, and the general public).
  • Decrease anti-social behavior (crime, drug use, risky sexual behavior, violence, truancy, verbal, physical and sexual abuse, self-harm etc.).
  • Increase community safety.
  • Raise self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth for those who participate.
  • Enable individuals to begin to take responsibility for their own lives through the creation of a supportive environment for even the most alienated youth.
  • Increase the skill levels of professionals, community leaders, and individuals in working with and supporting challenging young people.
  • Enable program participants to become fully aware of the new possibilities open to them.
  • Develop new employment potential.
  • Re-engage participants with their community in order that they may become productive, contributing members of their communities.

We work with all sorts of community based organizations including YMCA programs, local governments, schools systems, non-profits, and Boys and Girls Clubs.  We collaboratively build training for the adults who work in these systems and the youth that participate. By creating a community of support around young people and by providing an opportunity for real individual transformation through a collective experience with clearly stated objectives, Uncommon Results has enhanced the lives of many thousands of young adults, voulenteers, and youth professionals.

The name ‘Uncommon Results’ underestimates the enormous impact which this company has had in the UK, Holland and Northern Ireland . . . . The unique combination of powerful training, creating dynamic teamwork and achieving high quality results in both the Public, Not For Profit and Corporate sectors has been, and will continue to be the basis of our contracting this firm. Those considering personal development in any of the domains mentioned should in my opinion, consider contracting Uncommon Results.
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