Uncommon Results Inc.

Making The Difference

About Us

Uncommon Results creates trainings that facilitate personal, professional, and organizational development to enable people to reach their fullest potential. We offer a full range of services and an integrated approach to meet our client’s goals. From youth programs and parent workshops to corporate transformation programs, we draw upon a variety of techniques and resources to deliver top quality personal and organizational development. Over the past 20 years our team has worked with over 35,000 people from all around the world.


of people who complete Uncommon Results training say they have increased aspirations and motivations.


of people who complete Uncommon Results training say that they have improved relationships with their family, friends, and co-workers.

Our Story

Uncommon Results creates trainings that facilitate personal, professional, and organizational development to enable people to reach their fullest potential. Our primary objective is to support people in order that they may proceed along a path of self-discovery, self-realization, and fulfillment.

Using proven training programs that have assisted clients throughout the United States as well as internationally in the United Kingdom, Sweden, The Netherlands, Belgium, Bermuda, Kosovo, Australia and Nigeria. Uncommon Results gets results!  Our programs are designed to build life-altering skills that can help shape the lives and futures of both youth and adults. Our workshops cover key topics such as TEAMWORK, CONFLICT RESOLUTION, EMPOWERMENT, COMMUNICATION, PERSONAL LEADERSHIP, DIVERSITY, and PRESENTATION SKILLS. Each course is led by a group of skilled facilitators. Our unique program, which combines structured exercises along with the support of fellow participants, provides a compelling environment where people can begin to explore their unlimited potential, and begin to reach their desired goals in life, from a powerful place that was previously undiscovered.

Participants in Uncommon Results programs do not simply learn about how to change; they experience change.  Participants in our programs confront the choices that they have made, the consequences of those choices, their individual “way of being,” and how that has limited their awareness of the possibilities available to them.  We then examine how their “way of being” has prevented them from accessing new possibilities and new alternative courses of action. We work with individuals to examine their attitudes and how these affect their perceptions of reality and the choices available to them.

Our staff comes to you with a thorough understanding of how to facilitate growth and human development. We pride ourselves in providing the highest standards of service. Our reputation for professionalism and our ability to deliver exceptional results are based on a foundation of Honor, Trust, Loyalty, and Integrity.

The most significant aspect of our program is that the outcomes will be long lasting and truly sustainable.  An essential requirement to unlocking each person’s potential is dealing with the past and moving forward to a future based on choice. The work done by Uncommon Results will have a lasting impact by bringing hope where there is resignation, commitment where there is despair, and a bright future where the past has dulled potential.

You can read more about founder Mark Charley and his story here.